About Us

SKY LIGHT is a specialized at agriculture investments & imports.
SKY LIGHT was established ten years ago under the name of SKY LIGHT Incorporation, rapidly gaining very well reputation in the agriculture investments & supply market it became an individually owned company,
After gaining a large based network of notable clients, SKY LIGHT became a
corporate company known as SKY LIGHT for Agricultural Investment.

SKY LIGHT works on large scale of diverse activities related to agricultural
investments such as agriculture supply and food processing plants, reclamation and the clearing of land for agricultural, drilling, design, supply and installation of modern irrigation networks of different types.
SKY LIGHT also specialized at parks, gardens and private villas gardens
construction, decorating roads and the establishment of parks and green spaces for factories and large companies. The company supplies all of the terms of ornamental trees, grass and green flooring both natural and artificial.

Mission Statement
“To be the most versatile SKY- industries company regionally as well as
internationally, we look forward to become a leading company for high quality agricultural products and services and contribute in Improving the quality of services provided to our customers regionally as well as internationally”

Company Objectives

  1. Seek to establish a large base of clients in Egypt & the region
  2. Leadership in the field of agricultural development and reclamation
  3. Seek to lead in the field of design and construction of parks and gardens,
    landscaping and decorating roads and landscaping
  4. Excellence in the field of Design and construction of irrigation networks and highquality technology with competitive prices
  5. Seek to well established partnership for the supply of fruits, vegetables and fruit to the major food manufacturing factories with full compliance schedules and ideal fruit specifications

Company Activities
Agricultural crops supply of vegetables and fruit to food manufacturing companies:

The company supplies lots of fruit such as; mangoes, oranges, apples, figs,
strawberry, guava, and vegetables such as; potatoes – tomatoes, peppers, peas and okra, carrots and onions and broccoli, artichokes) throughout the year by the product of the season to manufacturers of food based on seasonal contracts concluded between SKY LIGHT and food factories and the standard specifications for food manufacturing, which contributes to obtain final food product high quality and competitive global market.

The company pioneered over the past years the supply of large amounts of tomato crop processing plants to the tomato sauce manufacturers, and is characterized by high quality tomato crop in terms of color and focus, which increases the quality of the final product with an increase in production.

The design, supply and installation of modern irrigation networks:

The company supplies, installation and establishment of modern irrigation networks such as drip irrigation and airless spraying hard and axial (pivot)

Company Activities – Cont
Reclamation and the clearing of land for agricultural and drilling:

The company performs reclamation of desert lands and configured for agriculture and also that the company specializes in drilling artesian wells and the company has competencies and engineering expertise that qualifies them into this business.

The design and construction of parks and gardens:

The company creates gardens and parks and the establishment of private gardens villas, tourist villages and decorate the roads and the establishment of landscaped gardens of factories and large companies as The company supplies all of the terms of trees for decorations, grass and green flooring and natural and artificial.

Our value in our values
Honesty & integrity:

We behave in an honest, fair and ethical manner, reliably keeping promises, telling the truth and following through on commitments. We demonstrate principled leadership and sound business ethics, show consistency in words and actions and model high standards of business ethics.

We are open to our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholder. We believe by having clarity in communication, removing all barriers for free and easy access, speech, or criticism, will help in protecting the individuals and the Group and ensure mutual understanding.

We encourage people taking responsibility for their decisions and actions, we believe that individual who are treated with respect and given responsibility respond by giving their best.

Collaboration and Flexibility:
We are one SKY LIGHT, working enthusiastically together and with our partners for our mutual benefit; searching for new and innovative ways of realizing value while maintaining the highest ethical standards

Management Statement:
Our respected customers under the current conditions and critical stage in which our beloved Egypt is going through, we saw that it is our duty before God first and towards our country to have an active role into encourage work and wheel production. Therefore, we decided to start a new phase by transforming our business from an individual enterprise to general partnership with capital increase.
This is done in order to achieve a main goal of generating Multiple employment opportunities through direct labor (our colleagues within the company) or indirect (implementing outside the company) as to partly contribute in solving problems such as unemployment as well as recession.

Under these critical circumstances, we strive to introduce to you our services marked with finest quality and highest standards of efficiency to help you achieve your professional and commercial goals. This is also imperative for us in order to build a strong, lasting and successful partnership with our valued customers.

Our cherished brothers and sisters, out of our deep sense of responsibility towards our community, our company does put future plan to make our social role effective and beneficial. These plans are to be realized through granting scholarships as well as funding in projects such eliminating literacy and providing medical treatment to those who cannot afford it.